About Us – A Defining Moment


Bob Root & Wendy Steele, Keys Founders

Keys was born from a need for natural skin care products the likes of which did not exist before we started. Our founder, Wendy Steele, survived Melanoma and her story of her road to recovery was littered with prescription products that almost worked.  The trauma showed her the clear vision need for products that really worked to solve skin problems.  Because they are natural, they also made her feel good with a new youthful appearance and the resulting contentment showed her the way in creating Keys In the simplest of messages, Keys is ancient remedies employing modern technologies for people with skin disorders, those that want to be chemical-free, people who want their family to have natural alternatives and for post cancer recovery survivors. We are:

Natural Beauty
Natural Skin Care
Natural Skin Therapies
Natural Hair Care
Natural Dog Care & Supplements

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Green Medicine

Our Green Piece…How It’s Made at Keys!

by Bob Root

Keys Technologist

Clean, Caring, Concerned and Diligent!

Everyone want to know these days what is in your products, what is not in your products and how does the making of your products effect the environment.  I thought it might be lighter to use the title Green Piece with an ‘i’ because that is what the PR people call the eco statement that a company offers.  Often these are full of $5 dollar words and platitudes.  So, I have attempted to inform here without using too many words or big words that have no meaning.  I am sure I have missed something, so make sure you use the comment box to ask me your questions.

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DIY Build Your Own Skin Care Collection – Get 15% Off

Keys is pleased to announce the development of a new kit building software to create your own skincare collections.  Building your own collection will get your 15% discount on all products ordered.  You must buy one each in the three categories of Cleanser, Moisturizer and Eye Cream.  You can buy as many single items as you want and there are optional categories as well to expand your collection and save.   Click here to go to the Skin Care Collection Kit Builder


DIY Build Your Own Beauty Collection – Get 15% Off

Keys is pleased to announce the development of a new kit building software to create your own Keys and KPRO beauty collections.  Building your own collection will get your 15% discount on all products ordered.  You must buy one each in the three categories of Cleanser, Moisturizer and Eye Cream.  You can buy as many single items as you want and there are optional categories as well to expand your collection and save.   Click here to go to the Beauty Collection Kit Builder


DIY Build Your Own Men’s Skin Care Collection – Get 15% Off

Keys is pleased to announce the development of a new kit building software to create your own Men’s skincare collections.  Building your own collection will get your 15% discount on all products ordered.  You must buy one each in the three categories of Cleanser, Moisturizer and Eye Cream.  You can buy as many single items as you want and there are optional categories as well to expand your collection and save.   Click here to go to the Men’s Skin Care Collection Kit Builder


Clean Green Café Goes Mobile

keys-iphone_cgcWe have modified the software serving our Clean Green Café Blog and News Forum to detect smartphones and tablet users and switch to an easier to read format.  When you access Clean Green Café from your Android or iPhone, the software detects the type of device and changes to a simplified easy to read format.  Now you can read articles with larger type and formatted for your smartphone.  Tablet and iPad users can see the new mobile format or the standard Clean Green Café formats.  Nothing to do and you can switch back and forth if you like.


New Mobile Store From Keys

keys-iphoneWe have installed a new store that permit our mobile smartphone and tablets customers easy access to our online store.  The new software detects the type of device you are using and switches to a different store template.  Android and iPhone Smartphone users will see a simplified version with large type and more succinct information with buy buttons that automatically become a checkout button.  The transaction engine is from through Wells Fargo with daily inspection by Trustwave.  Tablet users will have the option of looking at either a mobile store or our regular desktop store for more detailed information.

Nothing to do, just easier to use for mobile customers.


New Rewards Program Brings You Cash Discounts On Every Purchase

bonusKeys has installed a new software upgrade that rewards you points redeemable as cash discounts on future purchases.  When you register on our store and buy products you will automatically receive a cash valued reward on future purchases.  The next time you purchase you will have the option to use a cash valuable deduction from your invoice.  You may also save your cash value accumulating dollar value for the future.  Because of many state and federal regulations, the reward can only be used as a discount on future purchases and is not redeemable as cash.

The process is easy as clicking the icon next to the rewards amount at checkout.  Nothing else to do other than decide to redeem your reward or not.

Bringing you more value for your loyalty and buying online from Keys.  Click Here to go to the Keys Store


New One-Page Checkout Super-Secure and Super Easy

checkoutWe accelerated the development of our new One-Page checkout to make checking out of our store easier, faster and more secure.  Last years, new banking regulations required all online merchants to comply with something called DSS.  Basically it was a multi-trip software authentication that forced us to have a secondary credit card entry page that worked most of the time, but failed some times because people were using out of date browsers or ha too high a level of firewall security.  We accelerated development and worked with and Wells Fargo to create a new way of authenticating transactions more securely and in one pass.  This makes our new One Page checkout faster, easier and more secure.  In initial test by customers they had no failures and the process was about three times faster.  Very Cool!  Thanks to our developers and partners.  Still with the new system we do not keep your credit card numbers on file which means it is always safe with you.

Everything is on one page and if your register with us, you need only enter your user name and password along with your credit card information to complete a sale.   Fast and secure, we are also working on a system to remember who you are and automatically log you in when you use a device that we recognize.


Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

BW_wideby Bob Root, Keys CTO

The predecessor to Tortuga lotion was born in my grandmothers kitchen 100 years ago.   I grew up with this ancient remedy as a cure-all that saved me from cuts, bruises, dog bites, scrapes and even being jilted by a girlfriend or two.

My grandmother was an herbalist, naturopath and alchemist before Adele Davis was born.  I remember her picking weeds (herbs) and making potions, concoctions, soups, salves and rubs.  She was always experimenting with something that she would try on herself and us kids.

I am writing this article to explain the origin of Tortuga.  Tortuga has always been one of our most popular products.  Recently we have seen a real surge in interest.  This has come mainly through social networks of people trying to find solutions to skin disorders that western medicine have not been able to solve.  Many people have written to us telling of remarkable turn-arounds in their conditions.  For me, the credit goes to my grandmother’s bubbling caldrons.  I must pay homage to her for what she taught me.

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Keys Prime Ingredients and Actions


By Bob Root,  Keys Founder & CTO

One of our friends, Beatriz, suggested that we write something about our important ingredients and the actions. I actually had something we wrote for a reseller seminar series last year, so I dusted it off for this article.

It is a good idea with some caveats.

I think you know as a Keys follower that the quality and quantity of an ingredient is of the utmost importance to us.  Making sure an ingredient is the best money can buy and using enough in a formulation to be effective is of equal importance.  What you might not understand it that there are two equally important components.  That is how ingredients interact in a formulation and how the formula is made or the process of combining the ingredients.

In food, it is easy to understand that the ingredients are as important as the process Continue reading…


Horst Rechelbacher – RIP

bob_topazFebruary 15, 2014.  It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Horst Rechelbacher.  Horst was the founder of Aveda and more importantly, my friend.  To me Horst was an inspiration of what is possible when you are passionate about a cause.  Without question, he made the natural skin care business what it is today.

Every once in a while someone comes along that strikes you.  You look at them and see the history of humanity in their eyes. You here their voice and it stuns you with the conviction of many souls focused on a common cause.  His touch was golden and a shining beacon in a sea of sharks.   Continue reading…


Keys Customer Loyalty Rewards Program


Keys Customer Loyalty Program

In July of 2013 we put in place a loyalty program that offers a 5% return on every dollar spent on the Keys online store.  Registered customers will notice that when they buy any full-size Keys product that a reward amount is listed on the products detail page.  Every time you buy a product, you are building a reward for future purchases that you can use just like cash at the time of checkout.

For example, if you purchase $100 worth of products, the next time you sign in to buy, you will see that you can apply a $5.00 reward against your purchase.  The rewards can be used the next time you buy, or you can leave it in the store to accrue to a larger amount.

Everything is automatic and the only thing you have to do is register on the store buy purchasing from us and using the same email address to login.  Registering also gives you added value by having your address stored online so that everything except your credit card is filled in automatically.

Because of various state regulations, this is not a cash redeemable rewards program.   It is a reward against future purchases.

The program has been automatic and in place since July 2013.  It is a unique program that we developed for our customers and is not affiliated with any other Keys rewards or sale program.  The program is also not related to products purchased from our resellers either online or at their establishments.

Click Here to go to the Keys Online Store now!


AJ’s Keys Daily Skincare Routine – Video

This is a video by AJ about her Keys products daily regime for cleansing, moisturizing and toning.



AJ’s KPRO Regime – Video

This is a video done by our AJ of how she uses some of the KPRO products everyday.



FDA Taking Closer Look at ‘Antibacterial’ Soap

Over the years we have published a number of articles about antibacterial products containing Triclosan and parabens.  We encourage you to search Clean Green Cafe to read some of these articles and the entire chapter in Bob Root’s book, Chemical-Free Skin Health.  To recap, antibacterial can mean a bactericide like parabens and triclosan, or reducing bacteria levels without killing good bacteria with the bad.  The National Institutes of Health Human Microbiome Project points out that we have ten times more bacteria on our skin than skin cells.  Most good, these bacteria live symbiotically with our skin to protect us from bad bacteria like Staph and eColi.  The contention has been and still remains that killing all bacteria on our skin leads to the formation of “super-bugs.”  So using soaps like Keys Galleyon reduce bacterial levels because they contain spearmint, are Castile like soap and have slightly higher alkalinity that is


Your Antibacterial Soap Could Be Harming You

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist and Founder

Update:  Soap & Water just as effective in removing bacteria!

I am pleased that the FDA has stepped in to force some requirements on antibacterial products.  As you read on, there are some very important points.  In the world of antibacterial products, there is no distinguishing between bacteriacides and bacteria reduction.  Triclosan is very similar to parabens found in most products.  The claim is that they are bacteriacides that kill 99% of all bacteria….good and bad.  As I have pointed out in other articles, we have as many as ten times more bacteria on our skin as we do skin cells.  Most of these are good bacteria that help prevent invasion by the bad bacteria like Staph and eColi.  Bacteriacides like parabens and Triclosan claim to kill bad bacteria, but also kill the good which the FDA now reveals might help form “super-bugs.”

Keys Galleyon is antibacterial in the sense that it falls into the bacteria reduction class of products because of the Lakota spearmint, Castile-like soap and that it is slightly alkaline.  I like to refer to this as a skin rejevenation process more than an antibacterial action.  The truth is that we have long known that a good wash with soap and water and a brisk warming drying will help to further reduce, but not kill the good bacteria.  Galleyon enhances the effect without harming the good bacteria on our skin.

The FDA is now echoing something that we have talked about for years and yesterday’s announcement further brings to light the need for strict controls on chemicals that come in contact with our skin.

So please read the announcement below and read the FDA announcement.  More information always gives us more choices that we can make.

FDA to Crack Down on Manufacturer Antibacterial Claims

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KODA ProBiome – Part of the Solution for Dog Tear Stains

simply_wendy_bannerIt was two years ago to the day that we rushed our Bichon, Jasper, to the vet in Palm Springs California.  His eyes were so swollen and he was running a 106 degree fever.  After literally 1500 miles driving back and forth over a two week period and a $3,000 vet bill, he came back to us on Christmas eve.  He was so sick and the diagnosis of Blepharitis lead to major courses of Prednisone and a Doxycycline to quell the severe inflammation.  It was a very nice Christmas present.  We do not let these sorts of things go un-acted upon.


Jasper’s battle was the trigger to start the KODA dog line because our vet was all about solving the problem, but nothing about his wellness.  Inquiring to pet insurance companies became the design architecture of our five internal supplements and five topical solutions.
Part of Jasper’s issues was and is a chronic eye drainage issue.  He is well known in his travels for eye staining.  The eleventh product that is yet to be released was the first product we wanted.  It was not only an eye stain removal product, but a product that would also reduce the potential for eye infections.  In the two years since, we have been trying to find a product that will work and we are very close to launching it.  Perhaps even in Q1 2014.

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Keys Testimonials

For ten years we have been collecting testimonials in a virtual cardboard box.  These testimonials were fundamentally buried inside of our customer service system under the FAQs.  New technology has permitted to bring these testimonials out of behind doors and where they can be seen much easier.

testimonialAll along, the problem has been that we receive many duplicates based on common skin disorder and how our products have provided solutions and relief.  Now, we have figured out how to semi-automate the process.

Now, to the right you will see a rotating box with testimonials we have received in an area titled, “What People Are Saying.”

Also, if you look at the speed bar above, there is a tab for testimonials and a form to submit your own.

We encourage you to submit anything that our products did to help you so that we all may be able to help others.

For convenience, you can use the form below to submit entries right from within this article.



This area is for your testimonial of what Keys products did for you. Let us know your reasons, thoughts and the results.



Keys Joins Companies for Safer Chemicals to Change US Government Thinking!

Keys was a very early company joining the EWG Skin Deep database creation and the subsequent efforts to have the world recognize that many chemicals in our everyday life are the cause of many skin disorder.  Our founder, Bob Root, wrote the book, “Chemical-Free Skin Health,” to also emphasize the point helping to have Keys honored by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as a Champion company.  Our work with the Environmental Media Association in Hollywood and now Companies for Safer Chemicals is a further expression of our desire and effort to change the way people, companies and the government think about what goes on to our bodies.  Bob is our representative on the Companies for Safer Chemicals committee and will help to spearhead our thinking within the group.

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Keys Product Functionality Chart

One of the major search and questions we receive is what products should be used for what purpose.  For years we have had these suggestions on our customer service FAQs.  The problem has been that this form of information exchange is hard to get to and in our fast pasted world, we all seem to find it easier to re-ask the question rather than searching for it.

To this end, we have reset and reconfigured our website to now offer subcategories based on popular questions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other disorders.  As we pointed out, we have also configured a predictive search function to make it easier to find products based on functionality in our online store.  We have also increased the search functionality on our blog herein where you can search based on keywords and phrases.  Adding to this is a bubble chart that we have simplified based on our printed literature.  Herein is the beginning of a chart that will become a page on the speed bar above that will expand to show functionality of our products. Continue reading…


Under The Hood – New Predictive Search Function

We are constantly making improvements to our website and online store.  Often the changes are important and also transparent.  Other times, we make big changes that improve the ease of use.

Recently we added some subcategories that show our products based on function.  For example, when you click on the category “Skin Therapies” there are subcategories for things like Eczema, Psoriasis etc.  When we made this change, you responded with a request for more functionality in the search function.

We have now added a technology called “Predictive Search” that monitors and chronicles search activity.  It learns habits as people ask question in the search box on our store.

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What Should We Video Next on the Keys Skin Deep YouTube Channel


Our new YouTube Video Channel called Keys Skin Deep has been a huge success for us.  Based on the channel and Clean Green Cafe entries, we have receive a lot of requests for various videos.  Frankly, they have come into us in all forms, so we created this form to make it easy to send us ideas.  Please send us your ideas below and click the send button.  Based on the number of votes, we will setup the shooting schedule.


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Origins – Where Our Ingredients Come From – Video

Bob Root, Keys Founder and Formulator talks about where some of Keys ingredients come from and a little background about some of our advisers.




Going Natural in a Synthetic World – Bob Root

bob_topazIn his book, Chemical-Free Skin Health, Bob Root covers many subjects designed to help people understand how to Stop, Challenge and Choose a healthier way of thinking by becoming chemical-free.  In this video snapshot, Bob talks about the fact that the natural movement is not new, but a return to the not too distant past.

Bob asks us to Stop and read labels, then challenge them by reading ingredients and then to choose the best products for your own skin health.

Our skin is our largest organ and defends us from the elements.  Chemicals, break down our defenses.



KPRO Product Overview Video – Bob Root Keys Formulator

There are two videos below.  The first video is a detailed description by Bob Root, Key Scientist and Formulator, talking about the new KPRO, Keys Professional, product line.



This video is a quicker synopsis of the new KPRO line.


kpro_sachetsTry out our 4 pack sachet of the main KPRO products.  Click Here


Keys Overview Video with Wendy Steele

simply_wendy_bannerThis is the first in a new series of online videos from Keys.  New technology will permit us to create small and effective videos for you to help understand us, our products and our mission.  This is also available on the new Keys YouTube Channel at





Below is the Snapshot version of the overview above and is designed for a quick look at Keys, our products and philosophy.  It is design to be embedded, linked or downloaded for our resellers websites, blogs and forum.  It may also be embedded form our YouTube Skin Deep Channel at the link above.







Mangrove Conditioner is Back! Richer and Twice The Size

Thanks for your patience.  Mangrove Conditioner has not been available for quite a while because of unforeseen circumstances.  It has taken all this time to reformulate Mangrove to be even richer and more emollient than before.  Now it is back in a new size and with a new pump for easier use and application!  Now at 8 ounces and in an easy to use pump bottle you are getting a little more than twice as much for the same price as before.


New MangroveNatural Cream Hair Conditioner & Leave-in Styler 236ml – 8oz

Natural Conditioner Uses Brassica Oil Instead of Silicone

Mangrove Conditioner is back!  Twice as much, twice as rich and the same price as before!

  • Hydrating Conditioner
  • Natural Scalp Therapy
  • High Lustrous Shine
  • Conditions Hair & Scalp
  • Rich Natural Oils
  • Soothing Aloe Vera
  • Conditioning Brassica
  • For Treated and Colored Hair
  • Relaxing Aromatherapy
  • For People and Pets
  • No Silicone or Dimethicones

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, No Animal Testing, Chemical-Free, No Preservatives Continue reading…


New Try Me Category – KPRO Sachets for Sale

kpro_sachetsWe realize that the new KPRO line is pretty revolutionary and trying is believing.  We introduced the KPRO line at the Natural Products Expo East trade show.   We created sachets of the moisturizers, correction cream and eye cream so that you can give them a try to see which is best for you.  You can Click Here or on the picture to go to the Keys store to order.

Many people have contacted us to ask which product is best for them.   That is a hard question based on all skin types.  Since the KPRO line adapts to skin color, tone and texture, there is no need for colors and shades.  The products are all difference with levels of intensity varying from one to the other.  We created this trial, so you can find out what is best for you.

These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is included in the price. These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is additional, but nominal because of the light weight.


The Jar Is Back – Keys Eye Butter


Eye Butter 15ml Jar & Airless Pump

Back by popular demand, Keys Eye Butter is now available in Jars again.   This Eye Butter is also smoother and richer with no change in formula.  The process has been improved to yield a rich and very smooth cream eye moisturizer.  And yes, it is available in either the jar version or the airless travel pump version.  Both are the same price and the same product in a different container.  Your choice at $19.95 for either container.

Eye Butter Eye Cream

Eye Butter Eye Cream


Keys KPRO Cosmetic Products – Now Available!



News from Wendy

We are there!  We have the first production run of our new KPRO product line.  We want to give you some details of the new products prior to them now that they are available.

The planned release of the KPRO product line was October 1, 2013.  Our team surprised me by finishing a few days early.  I am so proud of this team.  The surprises are always good!

 Just as a refresher, Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.


Keys Professional – KPRO Line – Cosmetic Tinted Creams and Powders


One Step to Vibrant Beauty and Natural Skin Health

OptiFX™ Patentable Adaptive Color Technology combined with Natural Chemical-Free Skin Health™

Synopsis:  Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

 Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

 Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.


Keys RediCare – Featured in Men’s Journal Magazine

menJBest Chemical-Free Insect Repellents


Few canned products inflame as much passion and confusion as insect repellents. On the pro-chemical side are those who claim that plant-based sprays and other alternatives simply don’t work at all, and so leave users exposed to pathogen-hosting insects carrying anything from West Nile to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. But proponents of chemical-free repellents cite the possible toxicity of Deet to the human brain, and claim their all-natural alternatives work plenty well. (We’ll add that we’ve had a pair of sunglasses get lightly melted by errant Deet spray, which left us questioning whether we ought to be applying it to our skin on a regular basis.)

The truth, as often is the case, falls somewhere in the middle. So according to Dr. Mustapha Debboun, editor of ‘Prevention of Bug Bites, Stings and Disease,’ both types of products have their place. “The way to think about it is that chemicals are better for longer hours in the deep woods,” Debboun says, “while all-natural ingredients are fine for the backyard, beach, and other places where you won’t be out for extended periods.” So think Deet or picaridin for that jungle trek to Southeast Asia you’ve been planning, but something all-natural for day hikes and picnics closer to home.

Still, in a surprising twist (and what will be a humbling disappointment for chemical warfare proponents), it turns out that pound-for-pound, all natural options are actually the better performer. “Natural insect repellents generally repel a larger and wider range of crawling and flying insects [than chemicals] because of the diverse grouping of ingredients they contain,” says Bob Root, author of ‘Chemical Free Skin Health.’ Dr. Debboun concurs: “Lemon eucalyptus is just as good an ingredient as chemicals like Deet and picaridin.” Continue reading…


KODA Dog Products – A Brief Synopsis

KODA Products:  What and When to Use

bob_topazBy Bob Root, Keys Scientist

I recently had a dear friend tell me that he would like it if I would write an article about what to use and when regarding Koda products.  He politely said, I do not have time to understand the science, just tell me what I should use for my dog in simple terms in 500 words or less.  I realized that I probably spend a lot of time writing articles that are so detailed that people are not sure what to buy.  Maybe it is the scientist in me or a belief that people will not believe me if I don’t explain the details.  I did recall during the discussion with my friend that a professor once said to me, “Bob, I ask you what time is it and you lecture me on the origin of time.”  Maybe there was a hint in that remark.

So here goes for KODA for Dogs. Continue reading…


Bob Root on the Dr. Amy Myers Show

dramymyersPromo-coverLong time friend and adviser, Dr. Amy Myers recently interviewed Bob Root, Keys Technologist, about his book Chemical-Free Skin Health.  Amy is a leading practitioner and medical doctor specializing in Functional Medicine in Austin Texas.

Keys has been a part of the Functional Medicine movement for many years.  Whole functional ingredients makeup the Keys line and Amy asked Bob some interesting questions.  Listen in by clicking the speaker Icon below.

Amy’s website is available by Clicking Here











Click to listen

5-Minute Skin Clinic at the Airport


by Wendy Steele
Keys CEO

Secrets to flying simply with stunning results!

 The 2:30 am wake-up call was all my fault. I had booked a 3,000 mile trip from the East Coast to get back West and it was the first flight out at 6am Eastern! I knew that I had better get a good night’s rest before flight day. I concentrated most of my prep efforts the night before so that I would have the fewest amount of moving pieces on the morning of the flight. So the night before I packed the suitcase,laid out the clothes and shoes ready to slip into. Ticket and rental car keys were at the ready.

The morning of my flight- to insure I was on my way to the airport at 3:15 am, I really needed to be awake at 2:30am.  After 2 wake up calls, I followed with are freshing shower, hot libation, and a phenomenally simple skin treatment.

g5At 4:30 am I breezed through the rental car return and airport security.I felt awake and had time to relax before boarding.  After a fairly short first leg flight, it was just after 7:30 am Central time when I arrived at my connecting airport in Chicago. I deplaned and walked to my new departure gate B-5 with ticket in hand.  I was just about to inquire with the gate agent when I was truly surprised by a 30-something woman who whisked up to me and said;  “I am sorry, I just have to interrupt you to ask you—how do you get skin that looks like that?”

The gate agent looked up and smiled at me as if to say; “I’m all ears.” Continue reading…


REvolutionary Skin Ideas -from Hollywood and Apple!


More than what meets the eye

REvolutionary Skin Ideas -from Hollywood and Apple!

by Wendy Steele  Keys CEO


wendy_hat_dipI have marveled at the popular news headlines and headliners over the past year as they have surprised us, sometimes even shocked us.  There are signs everywhere that Hollywood has begun to break free of old patterns, habits and ideas about what makes an individual look and feel beautiful.  Curiously, these examples have also caused us to think and began to influence how we view ourselves outwardly, with a surprising affect on our own health and wellbeing.

People Magazine’s recent Most Beautiful issue featured celebrities going au natural! Yes they were photographed fresh faced, their absolutely beautiful natural skin tone glowing .  Yes, these women were totally make-up free!

oprah_fondaI watched a recent Oprah’s Next Chapter interview with Jane Fonda, when Oprah asked Jane what is the most important thing she has learned so far in her life.  I found it fascinating when Jane, who freely talked about her being 75 years old, replied “I’ve learned what’s really important for me is skin and kindness…”

Then, this weeks USA Today headline caught my attention:

 “The Hollywood tan loses its luster” Continue reading…


Cooking for your dog with Koda OmegaLife

stir-fryCooking with OmegaLife

By Bob Root

Koda OmegaLife is a product I developed as a vegan replacement for fish oil for dogs.  The reason we developed OmegaLife was to provide Omega 3, 6 & 9′s without the vitamin A that i found in fish oil.  Vitamin A can be toxic to humans and dogs if in too high a level.

I recently had a question escalated to me by our customer service team.  It was, “Can I cook my dogs food using OmegaLife Oil?”  The simple answer is, “Of Coarse!”

There are a number of our customers that feed their dogs using a “Raw” diet while others cook or partially cook the dogs food.  If your recipe has you slow cooking or even stir-frying your dogs meat and vegetables, use Omegalife instead of oil.  Estimate how many meals you are preparing times your dogs weight divided by 10 to determine how may squirts of oil you use.  (For example, if you are cooking 1o meals and your dog weighs 10 pounds, it would be 10 squirts of OmegaLife in the food).  If you are preparing the food as a “Raw” diet, it is okay to also squirt the OmegaLife into the food based on the above formula.

Remember in all cases, it is one squirt for each ten pounds times the estimated number of meals.

Just remember that you do not want to overheat the OmegaLife.  Put the amount in a pan, turn on the heat and add the food.

Personally, I have been cooking for Jasper since the day he joined our family.  The reason is that, “I know what is in his food when I make it.”  The irony is that it is less expensive as well.

Any questions?  Send me a comment and I will respond.


Where are all the travel sizes and sample?

bob_topazBy Bob Root, Keys CTO

Our factory move and spin-up went amazingly well.  Like moving your home, there are things that you save, somethings you move and somethings you get rid of.  This is true for factories as well.  Think of it as having the opportunity to change some things and start new.

From nearly the day we have opened for business, we have provided smaller versions of our products for use as sample and for traveling.  This has been pretty much a losing proposition for us and at the same time we looked at sample as a good way for people to try our products.  I know how great our products are, but there is nothing like trying something to see if you like the product or if it works for you.


Keys Old Sample Packaging

Our samples and travel sizes evolved over time.  We went from squeeze bottles to tubes for some products while our soaps and RediCare stayed in bottle form.  I must admit that one of my biggest design headaches are the samples and travel sizes because they are extremely hard to produce, actually travel and ship poorly and they are expensive to produce.  So, when we decided to move, one of the things I decided to change was our sample and travel size products.  The problem was that I did not know how I wanted to change the packaging and the move itself occupied most of my days for the last month.  About two weeks ago it dawned on me that there might be a way so I started to explore some things with our digital label partner to see if he could print using his extremely high tech HP label printer to print on continuous film.  When he said yes, I went to work on my idea.

Moving a factory and only being down for ten days is what we call a BHAG…or, a Big Hairy Audacious Goal.  Re-architecting a sampling and travel product design and system is even a bigger BHAG.  The critical link was a way to do our digital design labels in film format and when I knew we could do it, I searched the world for a small format packet filling system that would let me design variable size packets with enough product so that people could be assured they liked our products and that they would work for them. Continue reading…


Keys Labels, Ingredients and Information

We have recently updated our product labels to a new look and providing some new information.  One of our customers suggested that we post all the labels in one place so that people can compare the products and look at the ingredients of all product easily.

Below are all of our new labels for both the Keys and Koda Dog products.  You can click on each thumbnail to enlarge them.  Click the image again to get the full size image.  You can then right-clicking them to “Save As” to your computer. Continue reading…

Eye Butter Eye Cream

Keys Product Pictures

Below are Keys and Koda product images that can be clicked and saved to your computer for use in publication, websites and stores

Keys Products

 Koda Products




We are Moving!!!! Store Closed Until April 1, 2013

movingWe are so pleased to announce that we are moving into a new state-of-the-art factory.   It is a big move for a lot of reasons and our store will be closed for a little while so that we can begin production and build inventory.  Now, the plan is to be closed and reopen April 1, 2013.  If possible, we will reopen sooner, but that is the plan for now.

What you will notice are new labels, new containers, new improved products and an all-new customer service system that will ship orders faster, more efficiently and at lower transit times.  This is indeed a revolution for us that has been in the planning for over a year.  We listened to what you have said and worked to improve every aspect of our business.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and when we reopen, we will be placing everything on sale for the month of April.  Everything will be 10% off the entire month of April, so your wait will not go unrewarded. Continue reading…


EWG and How to Read Labels

Our friends at the Environmental Working Group have put together a new video about the ingredients on the labels of personal care products.

Ever looked at the labels on your shampoos, moisturizers and cosmetics? Do you really know what chemicals you’re putting on your body?

Most Americans use about 10 personal care products a day. And they think that the government is making sure these products are safe – but the scary truth is, it’s not. That’s why Environmental Working Group scientists have put together easy-to-use tips on how to read labels on personal care products. Check out the new video featuring EWG’s Senior Analyst Nneka Leiba on what to watch out for before you buy.


Announcing KODA – Keys for Dogs


by Wendy Steele

Keys and KODA CEO

For many of our long term customers, you will remember that we created a pet product line many years ago.  The line migrated to crossover products that are good for people and their pets.  Our most popular in this line is and was RediCare.  Our medicinal products grew in popularity over the years.

Our original move into the pet products business was based on an experience with our Bichon “Disney.”  Now about 7 years ago, he returned from a groomer and began pulling out his fur until his skin was bleeding.  We calmed him, got him to a vet and a cortisone shot later, he was on the road to recovery.  We discovered that his reaction was due to an experimental whitening shampoo that the groomer was asked to try by a manufacturer.  It turns out that the shampoo had a near lethal level of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS).  This was our inspiration to begin making Disney his own shampoo that we affectionately named “Muttineer.”   Eventually, a modified version of the shampoo became know as MetaClean and the line became a cross-over product offering for us.

A little over two years ago, Disney passed away on Valentines Day.  Breeder friends felt for our deep loss and offered us a Bichon pup from a future litter.  We were in Canada near Jasper National Park when we received a call that we would be puppy parents again.  Jasper was born into our crazy lifestyle July two years ago. Continue reading…


Itchy Dog? Ditch the Perfume

Stop that Itch- Lose the Perfume!

 by Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

How attentive are you when your dog is in distress?

  • Do you hear the incessant scratch, scratch, scratch during the day or at night before bed?
  • Do you visually examine your dog and investigate the area where the itching and scratching is centered before there is redness, irritation or raw sore patches?
  • Have you had the nagging feeling, wondering why your dog is itching and scratching after a bath or grooming session?

Being attentive to your dog’s skin health is relatively simple, you just need to pay attention to all of the clues your dog is already giving you!   Keep an eye on excessive itching and scratching, listen for and actively watch for any patterns (when and where itching occurs) and begin investigating the possible sources of the problem.

As for that nagging feeling about the itching and scratching after your dog’s bath or after a grooming session?   The most likely reason your dog is scratching and itching is directly related to the perfumes, artificial fragrance and harsh ingredients in dog shampoos! Continue reading…


About Us, The Story Behind The Story

Keys Backgrounder…About Us!

Keys Green Natural Anti-Aging Skin Therapies…Ancient Remedies & Modern Technology

Natural Beauty, Natural Hair Care, Natural Skin therapies, Natural Pet Care

“We believe that over 50% of all skin disorders in people and pets are misdiagnosed and are actually caused by chemicals in everyday products and the environment!

We offer you this backgrounder as insight into our reason for being, purpose and direction.  

Keys Purpose and Direction 

We are not just another natural products company.  In fact, we consider ourselves a natural medicine and therapy products company that uses natural ingredients.  I believe our Purpose and Direction statement says it all!”   Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Keys Care designs, develops and manufactures natural healing therapies for people and pets.   The quality and quantity of our ingredients are what differentiate us.  As we say it, Pharmaceutical grade whole ingredients in therapeutic proportions.  We use ancient remedies, natural medicines, whole natural ingredients, aromatherapy and aboriginal homeopathy combined with modern technology to provide safe and effective products for people and pets with skin disorders, sensitive skin, post cancer recovery or those wanting to avoid chemicals in their lives.  Our resellers are an extension of our core team and are experts and trusted advisors in their communities.

At our baseline, we believe that all of our products must solve problems and make people feel good.  We also believe that natural and organic are not features, they are the choice we make assuring purity of purpose.

How It Began

Continue reading…


Probiotics & Probiome – Feeding Your Skin!

Bob Root, Keys Technologist

Protobiotics and Probiome.  How our skin is similar to our gut!

Our skin is more similar to our gut than most people care to admit when it comes to bacteria.  Often when I start talking about bacteria in our intestines and the relationship to our skin, many people cover their ears and scream TMI TMI (which translates to Too Much Information).  I do not do it to evoke visceral reactions, but to make a point.

I was recently talking to a group of people about a couple of different subjects about the skin.  One was about the probiome on our skin and the other about the importance of mineral balanced hydration.  This article is about our skin’s probiome ECO system and the article on hydration will come soon.

It seems like most of us understand how probiotics work to help digest food.  Not many understand the relationship to our skin.  In fact, the Microbiome Project at National Institutes of Health near Washington DC is changing the way we look at the skin every day.  It is sort of like waking up every morning knowing that you are rewriting text books.  Then in the afternoon all the doctors blast the findings, yet they really do not know, because it is all new.

A Probiome is a tech phrase for rebuilding and restructuring an ECO system.  Our skin’s ECO system is comprised of about ten times more bacterial than skin cells.  The disruption of this ECO system bring imbalance and can foster growth of attacking bacteria than can actually be deadly in some very rare cases. Continue reading…


Sun Damage – Before and After on the Same Face?

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist and Founder

As a geek, I must admit a certain amount of frustration with many people espousing opinion when it comes to the skin. Choosing to blinder themselves from the obvious or ignoring simple realities to make a point.

Jay Chiat, the advertising guru that was responsible for much of the Apple Macintosh marketing, once told me that, “Controversy is the #1 tool of marketing.  With the spread of blogs, articles and chat rooms created by the internet, his words are more true that ever.  Couple that concept with the Chinese proverb, “one dog hears something and barks. Then 500 dogs bark because they heard the dog bark,” seems to be the new normal.

Case in point, almost every time Doc Mercola talks about the sun, he claims its benefits and no direct link to damage.  I must admit that he says it using controversial words that slide through the truth.  Well, at least my truth.

So, I am cruising through one of my engineering blogs and saw the article below.  You be the judge for yourself.  I know that I am going to upgrade the side window films to the new 3M SPF 1000 UV coating on all of my vehicles based on the article.


PS, some people found the image of this 69 year old man a bit hard to look at, so the article with his picture is below the fold.

Continue reading…


The Not New Solar Rx – Improved and Unchanged!

The New FDA Sunscreen regulations are about to go into effect.

Last year I wrote and article in July of 2011 about what to expect from the new regulations.  The article outlined all of the changes we as manufacturers had to make to make the regulatory changes seamless to consumers.  You can read the article titled “New FDA Sunscreen Regulations.”

There are a number of new things to expect to see in place by June 12, 2012.  Rather than bore you with details, here are some bullets of the major changes

  • SPF used to mean only UVB protection.  Now manufacturers have to guarantee that protection is “Broad Spectrum” covering both UVA and UVB
  • All the outrageous SPF numbers (i.e. SPF 75, SPF 100+ etc.) are now illegal.  The top rating is now SPF 50+
  • The use of the term sublock is no longer allowed.  We can only use the term sunscreen
  • Cosmetic moisturizer like Solar Rx must comply with all of the regulation applying to sunscreens
  • Waterproof is a no no term.  Now a sunscreen can be water resistent, but the manufaqctuer must prove it and list the minutes of water resistent protectin on the label front
  • There is now a very specific Drug Facts label that has to appear on the back of the product with very spefici language.  Below is an image of our new label with the drug facts panel.  The panel looks very similar to the panel we have used for the last five years, but is different.

The Not New Solar Rx – Improved

Solar Rx is not new in the sense that we have not changed the formulation or concentration of the ingredients.  We have been in compliance with the new FDA regulations for the last two years.   That said, we do have a new labels and a few process changes. Continue reading…