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RediCare – Surgical Recovery and Scars


Wendy’s interview with Rhonda-youthful looking, vibrant & active 45-year old.  Fan of KEYS RediCare Healing Therapy Spray.

by Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Last October, Rhonda started experiencing periodic trouble swallowing.  There were sporadic times when she was gasping for air for no apparent reason.  For several years she has lived at over 6,000 feet elevation and has been acclimated to high altitude living.  While she did not have pain-she knew she did not feel normal.

Her first thought was to visit her chiropractor for a full alignment.  After her chiropractic visits she realized the feeling in her neck had not improved.  In February, Rhonda visited her regular doctor who theorized that she could be experiencing a side effect of her celiac condition or acid reflux.  As a precaution, her doctor referred her to a thyroid specialist.  Her thyroid doctor could physically feel lumps around her trachea.  Ultra-sound revealed lots of little nodules and 3 substantially larger nodules.

Rhonda agreed to follow up with her thyroid doctor for needle biopsies to determine if the 3 larger nodules were cancerous or benign.  The needle biopsies were deemed “inconclusive”.   However, she was advised that there was a possibility that they could be cancerous.  Her doctor recommended surgery to remove both sides of the thyroid to be sure. Rhonda scheduled her surgery for a Monday and stayed overnight in the hospital for routine observation of her vital signs.

Post surgery, Rhonda learned that the pathology report indicated there was a small cancerous area that had been completely removed.  Her doctor indicated that she would need to follow up, by taking a radiation iodine pill, but only after her TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) levels were deemed adequate to begin that treatment.

In the meantime, post surgery, Rhonda wanted to immediately concentrate on assuring the best possible healing of the incision on her neck.  She decided to use KEYS RediCare Spray Healing Therapy because she could simply spray on the lotion and she did not need to touch it to rub it in.  This was critically important, as the incision was very tender and sore to touch.  While still in the hospital Rhonda decided to take a selfie of her same day surgery-neck incision.  Thereafter, every Monday, Rhonda took selfies for the next eight weeks.  She thought that the results were remarkable and was very pleased with the scar healing she experienced while using RediCare.  She contacted KEYS to let us know how happy she was with her healing experience with RediCare.

Click on the video below to see the nine-weeks animation of Rhonda’s healing process while using RediCare Healing Therapy Spray.


Surgeon General Connects UV to Skin Cancer. Solar Rx Selling Off Shelves!

Wwendy_glowendy Steele, Keys CEO

For quite a while, we have professed the connection of skin cancer and UV radiation.  The surgeon general’s report yesterday and the passing of the innovative sunscreen act through the US House of Representatives has sparked renewed interest in the story.  Our message is still the same and I have been saying it for ten years for Keys and for twenty years after being cured of Melanoma.  Protect your skin from the sun and you will slow visible aging and prevent skin cancer

SRX-verticalOur Solar Rx is ranked among the safest and most efficacious moisturizers with sunscreen based on the EWG 2014 Sunscreen Report.  We always want to remind everyone that Solar Rx is a daily use sunscreen and is not designed for sports or activity as well as going to the beach applications.

We are receiving reports that Solar Rx is selling off the shelves which is a good thing because people are now even more aware of the need.  Still, less than 15% of Americans use sun precautions.

Below is a verbatim reprint of the CNN article.  Please Google for other articles to inform yourself of how to be sun safe.

Here is the link to Solar Rx on our store.  Please also search in Clean Green Cafe for more articles.

Keys Care


(CNN) – Skin cancer is on the rise, according to the American Cancer Society, with more cases diagnosed annually than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer cases combined.

On Tuesday, the United States surgeon general issued a call to action to prevent the disease, calling it a major public health problem that requires immediate action. Nearly 5 million people are treated for skin cancer each year.

“Until today, the surgeon general has never said, ‘UV radiation is bad for you; protect your skin,’ ” acting Surgeon General Dr. Boris Lushniak said.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has set five goals for communities to decrease the risk of skin cancer, such as providing shade at parks, schools and other public spaces, and reducing indoor tanning.

A dermatologist himself, Lushniak said it’s important for parents to teach their children about sun safety, just as they would dental care and eating healthily.

“We have to change the social norms about tanning,” he said. “Tanned skin is damaged skin, and we need to shatter the myth that tanned skin is a sign of health.”

Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer because of how fast it spreads to other parts of the body, accounts for only 2% of skin cancer cases but is responsible for the majority of skin cancer deaths, according to the American Cancer Society.

Each year, more than 63,000 cases of melanoma are diagnosed in the United States, and 9,000 people die from it. From 1973 to 2011, melanoma rates increased more than 200%, according to the Department of Health and Human ServicesThe National Cancer Institute reported that melanoma is the most common form of cancer in adults ages 25 to 29 and second most common for young adults aged 15 to 29.

To reduce the risk of skin cancer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing and using sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15.

On Monday, the House of Representatives passed the Sunscreen Innovation Act.

The bill includes a review process for all manufacturers submitting a new sunscreen to the Food and Drug Administration, with a deadline for the FDA to provide final decisions: one year for pending applications and 1½ years for new ones.

The last over-the-counter sunscreen ingredient approved by the FDA was in 1999, according to the Public Access to SunScreens Coalition. Eight new sunscreen applications have since been filed with the FDA. All are still waiting for review, the coalition says; some have been waiting for over a decade.

Ecamsule was approved as a new sunscreen active ingredient in 2008, according to the FDA, allowing it to be marketed as the specific product provided in the application, Helioblock SX. However, Ecamsule is still under review to be added as an approved sunscreen ingredient that all manufacturers are free to use.

The current policy requires the FDA to undergo an extensive rule-making process before reviewing any new product application and adding it to the approved list, according to coalition policy director Michael Werner. This can take years, making the process inefficient.

“This law takes out the rule-making aspect and allows the FDA to simply issue a decision,” Werner said.

Many of the new sunscreens awaiting approval in the United States have been available in Europe, Central Asia and South America for years. Generally speaking, the ingredients waiting for approval are simply newer types of UVA filters than are currently being used, Werner said, but they differ slightly by manufacturer.

“The FDA will issue responses to the safety and efficacy data submitted for each ingredient in the near future,” FDA spokeswoman Andrea Fischer wrote in an e-mail to CNN. “We are committed to completing the TEA (Time and Extent Application) process for the sunscreen active ingredients currently under review as quickly as possible, consistent with available agency resources and competing public health priorities.”

Indoor tanning is also a major contributor to skin cancer. It’s estimated that more than 400,000 cases of skin cancer each year are related to indoor tanning, 6,000 of which are melanomas, according to Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Howard Koh.

Sunlamps and tanning beds get FDA warning

There are laws requiring minors to have parental consent in 44 states, but only 10 prohibit minors from indoor tanning altogether. According to the CDC, about 30% of white women ages 18 to 25 report indoor tanning.

“The concern with indoor tanning is the concentrated burst of high-intensity UV rays on uncovered skin,” Lushniak said. “Although it’s only a short burst, it’s a higher intensity than what one would experience outdoors.”

Two-thirds of adults reported having a sunburn in 2010, according to the CDC. Because a single sunburn increases a person’s risk for skin cancer, Lushniak said that it’s important for people to realize that sun safety applies to everyone, even if you’re not fair-skinned.

“We know that the risk level for skin cancer decreases with more skin pigmentation,” he said. “But no one is immune. All races are still diagnosed and still affected by UV rays.”


US Patent & Trademark Office Awards Keys OptiFX®

usptoThe US Patent and Trademark Office has recognized and certified OptiFX® particle.  OptiFX particles are used in our KPRO line of super-cosmetics.  These particles defract and refract light and also transmit adjacent texture and tone across the skin.  Originally designed for ultra high definition digital motion picture cameras (UHDT), OptiFX particles offer a real illusionary effect on the skin that resembles a soft focus filter on the skin surface.  One unique features is that the OptiFX particle also transmits tone and texture from one particle to another.  This sub-feature hides fine lines without the use of fillers by reducing the shadow effects created by lines and wrinkled in the skin.  People with large pores also benefit from the illusionary effects.


KPRO products using OptiFX particles play nicely with all forms of makeup.  Custom blending of these moisturizing foundations and powders helps individuals to customize and tailor their “look” by blending techniques.



Click Here to view Keys KPRO products


Foot Calluses? Go Gluten-Free!

bob_topazBy Bob Root

Keys Scientist and Founder

Soft feet will last you for a lifetime preserving your nerve sensitivity, stability and balance as you go older.  Calluses, on the other hand, will decrease you ability to feel as you walk, your inability to stand for longer periods and walk not balanced.  Not too mention how those calluses scratch and tear up those ebed sheets.

Take off your shoes and socks.  Look at your feet.  Calluses?  Probably gluten in your diet.

We have known for a long time that many common typical disorders have probable links to gluten.  Dark circles under the eyes, gum and periodontal issues and, yes, calluses have been linked to all that bread, pasta and wheat based products some intake.  In fact, Wendy, my wife and partner, had all three.  Going on a Paleo diet (gluten-free) reversed all of these maladies for her and she lost twenty pounds in the first three weeks as a bonus.  Wendy’s mom was a baker at home.  The kids came home from school to fresh baked cakes, cookies and all sorts of gluten intensive goodies.  Maybe not so good, her mom had foot callus problems all her life.  Could it have been the gluten?  Again, to repeat, Wendy’s dark circles, gum problems and her calluses started to disappear in two weeks and were gone in almost 30 days when she went gluten-free. Continue reading


History Made – Exoskelaton’s and the Technology of People®


Kyle to Keys! My Hair is Growing!

wendy_glowBy Wendy Steele, Keys CEO & Founder Keys

Keys Customer Service forwarded an urgent email to me last week.  It made reference to a note included on an order from a Keys customer named Kyle.  The note on his order read as following:

“I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS! I have had Alopecia for 10 years and these products are growing my hair back!  Whoever is reading this PLEASE, I urge you to relay this information to the company founders and owners and whoever oversees product development.  I highly recommend that these products be marketed toward people like myself who have Alopecia of any kind.  I have full body hair loss and the fantastic products at Keys Soap aren’t just growing little amounts of hair..It’s coming back over my entire body.  The NAAF needs to be made aware of my results and shown by example how NATURAL skincare and lifestyle overall are the superb choice over pharmaceutical drugs.  THANK YOU KEYS, God Bless! :)”

Wow, this was an inspirational note to receive! We love to hear from our customers.  Continue reading


Polluted Pets – What we are doing to our pets!

Bob Root, Keys & Koda Technologist & Developer

I am raising a red flag when it comes to our pets and the environment.  In my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health® I pointed out that about 50 years ago just about everything we put on our skin or came in contact with was naturally derived.  Now nearly 95% is synthetic.  There are now tens of thousands of chemicals that are in use that have never been tested for safety.  Worse, our pets are exposed in direct contact to hundreds of more chemicals for the shear reason that they typically where no shoes, clothing and dogs tend to lead with their noses.  This reality is played out in the article from the Environmental Working Group showing industrial chemical toxins at alarming high rates compare to humans.

In 2007, I was a founding member of Pets for the Environment which was a spin-off of the EWG.  It was just coming into vogue when the Melamine was discovered in food additives being made in China.  The timing was good, but because of budget cuts and Congressional naivete, the project did not last.  Now, we are trying to bring it back into public eye because of the results below and the continued exposure of our pets to toxic chemicals.

My belief is simple.  I believe that more than 50% of pet skin and gut disorders are caused by chmicals in their environment.  An environment where there are no barriers between the pets Continue reading


Anti-Aging Tip – Avoid Perma-Frown by Getting CNN-Free


By Wendy Steele, Keys CEO

Did your mother every say to you, “Don’t make those faces, it may just freeze that way forever!”  It’s true!  This could be the greatest anti-aging advise of all time!

Our body language and facial expression do more than communicate our mood and intensity.  The way we appear to others can be a lasting reminder on our face of our attitude toward things, our environment and people.  Simply, if you frown all the time you might just end up with “Perma-Frown.”  Those deep ruts in your forehead age your visual appearance.  Perma-Frown makes you look older than you are by the very nature of the shadows those deep furrows create.  Remember it is the shadows that our wrinkles create that makes them look older.

Laughter is an age old beauty secret because it raises our Oxytocin hormone levels which washes us with a feeling of wellbeing.  This cuddle hormone is also created with a warm hug or even just being out with that someone special.  The skin glows and a more youthful appearance accompanies the warm feeling.  This can all be negated if our natural core state is negative.  Could your cellphone be a contributing factor to your aging?

Today’s social society is way overloaded with smartphone interaction which maybe fun and warm, but generally does not release oxytocin.  Worse, peering all day at your cellphone has two potentially negative results.  The first is if you are reading bad news all day, aka CNN, that frown may probably become perma-frown.  Secondly, if you are walking and reading and getting a little older, that squint could become perma-squint.  Be careful watching too much CNN can also create the dreaded permanent aging look called perma-scowl.

There is no question that drinking lots of water, regulating hormones as we age and using natural skin care will be your best anti-aging secret for the skin.  Those wrinkles, ruts and furrows are probably an indication of how happy you are or how much CNN you are exposed to.

So next time you are reading CNN, Fox News or one of the other negative press sources, take a quick selfie to check out how you are responding…Then try to laugh it off.  Yoga has taught me to see a different way of life and create an internal smile.  Being CNN-Free for the last ten years is priceless.



iWellness? – An Open Letter to Tim Cook, Apple CEO

iWellness or iHealth – There is a difference.  Can Apple change healthcare forever?  Yes! Will they? bob_topaz

by Bob Root,  Keys Founder and Technologist

The rumors are pretty strong that Apple will introduce Healthkit technology in it next IOS 8 operating system for iPhones and iPad’s..and maybe iWatch this October. It will enable software, apps and hardware creations that will monitor your health.   …and hopefully affect your wellness.

The people at Apple have always listened to what people say and then do it their way.  This backhanded compliment is from a guy that once lived in the world that Apple calls home…Silicon Valley. Continue reading


Gabi Wolf Update

If you have been following, through our friend Gabriela Castillo, we have all been nursing a little abused black wolf back to health.    Her leg was shattered from a fall at an abusive vet.  Malnutrition was also a factor to be dealt with.  So, sometimes just a picture is worth one thousand words.

Gabi wolf just out of surgery…Then
Gabi today with a new life!  Now!


From Gabriela.  Note about Gabi Wolf, July 31, 2014

gabi-lakeGabi Wolf’s adoptive guardian messaged me from their home in the mountains. They let me know that last night at dusk a deer came out of the woods near their home and came nose to nose with puppy Gabi wolf. The two just stared at each other and seemed just peaceful and wondrous. It was too dark to get a photo as Gabi Wolf is almost black. I was overjoyed at the moment that was shared. It was been raining there and been around 70 degrees. Gabi LOVES the weather. Coming from horrific desert heat then the concrete of Los Angeles (obviously two places NO wolf belongs) to mountain meadows etc is just fantastic and brings such happiness to those of us who do rescue. There have been some BIG thunderstorms and her guardian reports she has NO fear of them. She actually likes to watch the storm go by and enjoys the weather. I feel so blessed and gifted to have taken part in being of service to her.

The insanity/pressure/stress Joy Elyse Nadel and I with Rescue Me Incorporated went through is all worth it with follow-ups like this!

AGAIN! Thank you to everyone who helped. Thank you to everyone who networked. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Gabi’s leg is healing nicely. It bends now and she uses it more every day. Her guardian has done some amazing therapy with her to bring her to the best health possible.

The photo is of Joy and me when we were at the hospital getting Gabi her surgery.

The last photo is of Gabi present day. Enjoying a little nap outside her home after a three hour hike in the mountain and meadows.


It’s Clear – Again. Clear Airless Containers Return

airless_clearLast year in a need to get a renewed supply of airless containers we were presented with the option of going all opaque white or having no containers.  Almost immediately our loyal customers raised up in unison that they wanted the clear translucent containers back so that they could see how much remained.  At the time, we had no options and immediately we polled our supplier to give us the option to return to a clear translucent base tube.  They listened and now all Keys airless products have a white pump with a clear base.

We have been shipping the clear base airless containers for the last month, but not all products were converted over.  Now, we are happy to say that all the airless products are shipping in the clear base container.


RediCare – Not Just an Insect Repellant.

By Gabriela Castillo.

RediCare is not just for small pets and people! It’s amazing for horses! I discovered this product for horses when I rescued an abused mustang. His name is Arrow. I had some of the RediCare at home for my dog Baldr/us and needed something to help Arrow with some wounds immediately and discovered right away what an amazing find for horses this really is!

RediCare is an effective treatment for horses for all kinds of minor wounds, rashes and bug bites. Continue reading


Sunscreen Tips from the EWG

As a part of the EWG annual sunscreen report they offer tips about sunscreens.  Below is a unedited direct reprint of what they are saying in the 2014 sunscreen report. Keys Solar Rx was rated as excellent for safety and efficacy in this years report in the moisturizer with SPF category.  Keys Solar Rx is an everyday sunscreen designed as a moisturizer with sun protection.  It is not a go to beach or sports product because our moisturizer is water soluble for maximum hydration.  It is cosmetically clear and can be used under makeup or by itself.  Click Here to read the EWG report on Solar Rx


Make sunscreen part of your outdoor gear

Continue reading


EWG 2014 Sunscreen Report – Keys Solar Rx in Top List

The 2014 EWG Sunscreen report was released and Keys Solar Rx was given a Excellent rating and was chosen as a Top Product in the moisturizer with sun protection category.   Click Here to jump to the EWG listing for Solar Rx.

The EWG ranking system is based on safety with most of the top brands rating a 2 on a scale of 0 to 10 (o = safest)  Keys Solar Rx was given a ranking of 1.

Solar Rx is cosmetically transparent and yet provides a UVA and UVB equivalent to conventional sunscreen rated at SPF 30+.  Solar Rx is not a go to beach or sport sunscreen because the lotion is a functional therapy water soluble medium designed to act as a moisturizer for everyday use.

Wendy Steele, Keys CEO, said, “Since the day we introduced Keys Solar Rx, it has received the highest ranking from the EWG and Consumer Reports magazine.  Safety and efficacy are the important facets about these two rating systems.  We applaud the EWG for their efforts and for the details as well as ease of use of the 2014 report.”

Below is the excerpt from the report.

Keys Care Solar Rx Moisturizer, SPF 30+

Keys by Orion Learning International, Inc.

Continue reading


Keys to Donate 10% of KODA Sales to Gabi Wolf Recovery!


Bob Root, Keys Founder and Chief Scientist

10246664_10152274142748241_5053619352056877098_nI awoke to some good news from Gabriela Castillo this morning.  Gabi Wolf’s surgery went well although x-rays discovered a much more damage to her leg than expected.  The good doctor took our personal guarantee that we would keep raising funds to pay for nursing Gabi back to help and did the surgery yesterday.

This has prompted us to offer that Keys will donate 10% of all KODA online store sales for the rest of May 2014 and all of June 2014 to Gabi’s cause.   Notice:  this is not some weasel worded statement of percentage of profits.  It is 10% of all KODA online store sales for the next 45 days. Continue reading


DIY Build Your Own Skin Care Collection – Get 15% Off

Keys is pleased to announce the development of a new kit building software to create your own skincare collections.  Building your own collection will get your 15% discount on all products ordered.  You must buy one each in the three categories of Cleanser, Moisturizer and Eye Cream.  You can buy as many single items as you want and there are optional categories as well to expand your collection and save.   Click here to go to the Skin Care Collection Kit Builder


DIY Build Your Own Beauty Collection – Get 15% Off

Keys is pleased to announce the development of a new kit building software to create your own Keys and KPRO beauty collections.  Building your own collection will get your 15% discount on all products ordered.  You must buy one each in the three categories of Cleanser, Moisturizer and Eye Cream.  You can buy as many single items as you want and there are optional categories as well to expand your collection and save.   Click here to go to the Beauty Collection Kit Builder


DIY Build Your Own Men’s Skin Care Collection – Get 15% Off

Keys is pleased to announce the development of a new kit building software to create your own Men’s skincare collections.  Building your own collection will get your 15% discount on all products ordered.  You must buy one each in the three categories of Cleanser, Moisturizer and Eye Cream.  You can buy as many single items as you want and there are optional categories as well to expand your collection and save.   Click here to go to the Men’s Skin Care Collection Kit Builder


Skin Problems Solutions Kits – Get 10% Off

Keys is pleased to announce a series of skin problems solution kits for common skin problems.  We are offering kits for Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne and Sports problems.  These kits have been developed based on our customer’s experiences. Click here to go to the Skin Problems Solutions category.


Clean Green Café Goes Mobile

keys-iphone_cgcWe have modified the software serving our Clean Green Café Blog and News Forum to detect smartphones and tablet users and switch to an easier to read format.  When you access Clean Green Café from your Android or iPhone, the software detects the type of device and changes to a simplified easy to read format.  Now you can read articles with larger type and formatted for your smartphone.  Tablet and iPad users can see the new mobile format or the standard Clean Green Café formats.  Nothing to do and you can switch back and forth if you like.


New Mobile Store From Keys

keys-iphoneWe have installed a new store that permit our mobile smartphone and tablets customers easy access to our online store.  The new software detects the type of device you are using and switches to a different store template.  Android and iPhone Smartphone users will see a simplified version with large type and more succinct information with buy buttons that automatically become a checkout button.  The transaction engine is from Authorize.net through Wells Fargo with daily inspection by Trustwave.  Tablet users will have the option of looking at either a mobile store or our regular desktop store for more detailed information.

Nothing to do, just easier to use for mobile customers.


New Rewards Program Brings You Cash Discounts On Every Purchase

bonusKeys has installed a new software upgrade that rewards you points redeemable as cash discounts on future purchases.  When you register on our store and buy products you will automatically receive a cash valued reward on future purchases.  The next time you purchase you will have the option to use a cash valuable deduction from your invoice.  You may also save your cash value accumulating dollar value for the future.  Because of many state and federal regulations, the reward can only be used as a discount on future purchases and is not redeemable as cash.

The process is easy as clicking the icon next to the rewards amount at checkout.  Nothing else to do other than decide to redeem your reward or not.

Bringing you more value for your loyalty and buying online from Keys.  Click Here to go to the Keys Store


New One-Page Checkout Super-Secure and Super Easy

checkoutWe accelerated the development of our new One-Page checkout to make checking out of our store easier, faster and more secure.  Last years, new banking regulations required all online merchants to comply with something called DSS.  Basically it was a multi-trip software authentication that forced us to have a secondary credit card entry page that worked most of the time, but failed some times because people were using out of date browsers or ha too high a level of firewall security.  We accelerated development and worked with Authorize.net and Wells Fargo to create a new way of authenticating transactions more securely and in one pass.  This makes our new One Page checkout faster, easier and more secure.  In initial test by customers they had no failures and the process was about three times faster.  Very Cool!  Thanks to our developers and partners.  Still with the new system we do not keep your credit card numbers on file which means it is always safe with you.

Everything is on one page and if your register with us, you need only enter your user name and password along with your credit card information to complete a sale.   Fast and secure, we are also working on a system to remember who you are and automatically log you in when you use a device that we recognize.


Tortuga Turns 100 Years Old.

BW_wideby Bob Root, Keys CTO

The predecessor to Tortuga lotion was born in my grandmothers kitchen 100 years ago.   I grew up with this ancient remedy as a cure-all that saved me from cuts, bruises, dog bites, scrapes and even being jilted by a girlfriend or two.

My grandmother was an herbalist, naturopath and alchemist before Adele Davis was born.  I remember her picking weeds (herbs) and making potions, concoctions, soups, salves and rubs.  She was always experimenting with something that she would try on herself and us kids.

I am writing this article to explain the origin of Tortuga.  Tortuga has always been one of our most popular products.  Recently we have seen a real surge in interest.  This has come mainly through social networks of people trying to find solutions to skin disorders that western medicine have not been able to solve.  Many people have written to us telling of remarkable turn-arounds in their conditions.  For me, the credit goes to my grandmother’s bubbling caldrons.  I must pay homage to her for what she taught me.

Continue reading


Keys Prime Ingredients and Actions


By Bob Root,  Keys Founder & CTO

One of our friends, Beatriz, suggested that we write something about our important ingredients and the actions. I actually had something we wrote for a reseller seminar series last year, so I dusted it off for this article.

It is a good idea with some caveats.

I think you know as a Keys follower that the quality and quantity of an ingredient is of the utmost importance to us.  Making sure an ingredient is the best money can buy and using enough in a formulation to be effective is of equal importance.  What you might not understand it that there are two equally important components.  That is how ingredients interact in a formulation and how the formula is made or the process of combining the ingredients.

In food, it is easy to understand that the ingredients are as important as the process Continue reading


Horst Rechelbacher – RIP

bob_topazFebruary 15, 2014.  It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Horst Rechelbacher.  Horst was the founder of Aveda and more importantly, my friend.  To me Horst was an inspiration of what is possible when you are passionate about a cause.  Without question, he made the natural skin care business what it is today.

Every once in a while someone comes along that strikes you.  You look at them and see the history of humanity in their eyes. You here their voice and it stuns you with the conviction of many souls focused on a common cause.  His touch was golden and a shining beacon in a sea of sharks.   Continue reading


Keys Customer Loyalty Rewards Program


Keys Customer Loyalty Program

In July of 2013 we put in place a loyalty program that offers a 5% return on every dollar spent on the Keys online store.  Registered customers will notice that when they buy any full-size Keys product that a reward amount is listed on the products detail page.  Every time you buy a product, you are building a reward for future purchases that you can use just like cash at the time of checkout.

For example, if you purchase $100 worth of products, the next time you sign in to buy, you will see that you can apply a $5.00 reward against your purchase.  The rewards can be used the next time you buy, or you can leave it in the store to accrue to a larger amount.

Everything is automatic and the only thing you have to do is register on the store buy purchasing from us and using the same email address to login.  Registering also gives you added value by having your address stored online so that everything except your credit card is filled in automatically.

Because of various state regulations, this is not a cash redeemable rewards program.   It is a reward against future purchases.

The program has been automatic and in place since July 2013.  It is a unique program that we developed for our customers and is not affiliated with any other Keys rewards or sale program.  The program is also not related to products purchased from our resellers either online or at their establishments.

Click Here to go to the Keys Online Store now!


AJ’s Keys Daily Skincare Routine – Video

This is a video by AJ about her Keys products daily regime for cleansing, moisturizing and toning.



AJ’s KPRO Regime – Video

This is a video done by our AJ of how she uses some of the KPRO products everyday.



FDA Taking Closer Look at ‘Antibacterial’ Soap

Over the years we have published a number of articles about antibacterial products containing Triclosan and parabens.  We encourage you to search Clean Green Cafe to read some of these articles and the entire chapter in Bob Root’s book, Chemical-Free Skin Health.  To recap, antibacterial can mean a bactericide like parabens and triclosan, or reducing bacteria levels without killing good bacteria with the bad.  The National Institutes of Health Human Microbiome Project points out that we have ten times more bacteria on our skin than skin cells.  Most good, these bacteria live symbiotically with our skin to protect us from bad bacteria like Staph and eColi.  The contention has been and still remains that killing all bacteria on our skin leads to the formation of “super-bugs.”  So using soaps like Keys Galleyon reduce bacterial levels because they contain spearmint, are Castile like soap and have slightly higher alkalinity that is


Your Antibacterial Soap Could Be Harming You

Bob Root, Keys Chief Scientist and Founder

Update:  Soap & Water just as effective in removing bacteria!

I am pleased that the FDA has stepped in to force some requirements on antibacterial products.  As you read on, there are some very important points.  In the world of antibacterial products, there is no distinguishing between bacteriacides and bacteria reduction.  Triclosan is very similar to parabens found in most products.  The claim is that they are bacteriacides that kill 99% of all bacteria….good and bad.  As I have pointed out in other articles, we have as many as ten times more bacteria on our skin as we do skin cells.  Most of these are good bacteria that help prevent invasion by the bad bacteria like Staph and eColi.  Bacteriacides like parabens and Triclosan claim to kill bad bacteria, but also kill the good which the FDA now reveals might help form “super-bugs.”

Keys Galleyon is antibacterial in the sense that it falls into the bacteria reduction class of products because of the Lakota spearmint, Castile-like soap and that it is slightly alkaline.  I like to refer to this as a skin rejevenation process more than an antibacterial action.  The truth is that we have long known that a good wash with soap and water and a brisk warming drying will help to further reduce, but not kill the good bacteria.  Galleyon enhances the effect without harming the good bacteria on our skin.

The FDA is now echoing something that we have talked about for years and yesterday’s announcement further brings to light the need for strict controls on chemicals that come in contact with our skin.

So please read the announcement below and read the FDA announcement.  More information always gives us more choices that we can make.

FDA to Crack Down on Manufacturer Antibacterial Claims

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KODA ProBiome – Part of the Solution for Dog Tear Stains

simply_wendy_bannerIt was two years ago to the day that we rushed our Bichon, Jasper, to the vet in Palm Springs California.  His eyes were so swollen and he was running a 106 degree fever.  After literally 1500 miles driving back and forth over a two week period and a $3,000 vet bill, he came back to us on Christmas eve.  He was so sick and the diagnosis of Blepharitis lead to major courses of Prednisone and a Doxycycline to quell the severe inflammation.  It was a very nice Christmas present.  We do not let these sorts of things go un-acted upon.


Jasper’s battle was the trigger to start the KODA dog line because our vet was all about solving the problem, but nothing about his wellness.  Inquiring to pet insurance companies became the design architecture of our five internal supplements and five topical solutions.
Part of Jasper’s issues was and is a chronic eye drainage issue.  He is well known in his travels for eye staining.  The eleventh product that is yet to be released was the first product we wanted.  It was not only an eye stain removal product, but a product that would also reduce the potential for eye infections.  In the two years since, we have been trying to find a product that will work and we are very close to launching it.  Perhaps even in Q1 2014.

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Keys Testimonials

For ten years we have been collecting testimonials in a virtual cardboard box.  These testimonials were fundamentally buried inside of our customer service system under the FAQs.  New technology has permitted to bring these testimonials out of behind doors and where they can be seen much easier.

testimonialAll along, the problem has been that we receive many duplicates based on common skin disorder and how our products have provided solutions and relief.  Now, we have figured out how to semi-automate the process.

Now, to the right you will see a rotating box with testimonials we have received in an area titled, “What People Are Saying.”

Also, if you look at the speed bar above, there is a tab for testimonials and a form to submit your own.

We encourage you to submit anything that our products did to help you so that we all may be able to help others.

For convenience, you can use the form below to submit entries right from within this article.



This area is for your testimonial of what Keys products did for you. Let us know your reasons, thoughts and the results.



Keys Joins Companies for Safer Chemicals to Change US Government Thinking!

Keys was a very early company joining the EWG Skin Deep database creation and the subsequent efforts to have the world recognize that many chemicals in our everyday life are the cause of many skin disorder.  Our founder, Bob Root, wrote the book, “Chemical-Free Skin Health,” to also emphasize the point helping to have Keys honored by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics as a Champion company.  Our work with the Environmental Media Association in Hollywood and now Companies for Safer Chemicals is a further expression of our desire and effort to change the way people, companies and the government think about what goes on to our bodies.  Bob is our representative on the Companies for Safer Chemicals committee and will help to spearhead our thinking within the group.

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Keys Product Functionality Chart

One of the major search and questions we receive is what products should be used for what purpose.  For years we have had these suggestions on our customer service FAQs.  The problem has been that this form of information exchange is hard to get to and in our fast pasted world, we all seem to find it easier to re-ask the question rather than searching for it.

To this end, we have reset and reconfigured our website to now offer subcategories based on popular questions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and other disorders.  As we pointed out, we have also configured a predictive search function to make it easier to find products based on functionality in our online store.  We have also increased the search functionality on our blog herein where you can search based on keywords and phrases.  Adding to this is a bubble chart that we have simplified based on our printed literature.  Herein is the beginning of a chart that will become a page on the speed bar above that will expand to show functionality of our products. Continue reading


Under The Hood – New Predictive Search Function

We are constantly making improvements to our website and online store.  Often the changes are important and also transparent.  Other times, we make big changes that improve the ease of use.

Recently we added some subcategories that show our products based on function.  For example, when you click on the category “Skin Therapies” there are subcategories for things like Eczema, Psoriasis etc.  When we made this change, you responded with a request for more functionality in the search function.

We have now added a technology called “Predictive Search” that monitors and chronicles search activity.  It learns habits as people ask question in the search box on our store.

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What Should We Video Next on the Keys Skin Deep YouTube Channel


Our new YouTube Video Channel called Keys Skin Deep has been a huge success for us.  Based on the channel and Clean Green Cafe entries, we have receive a lot of requests for various videos.  Frankly, they have come into us in all forms, so we created this form to make it easy to send us ideas.  Please send us your ideas below and click the send button.  Based on the number of votes, we will setup the shooting schedule.


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Origins – Where Our Ingredients Come From – Video

Bob Root, Keys Founder and Formulator talks about where some of Keys ingredients come from and a little background about some of our advisers.




Going Natural in a Synthetic World – Bob Root

bob_topazIn his book, Chemical-Free Skin Health, Bob Root covers many subjects designed to help people understand how to Stop, Challenge and Choose a healthier way of thinking by becoming chemical-free.  In this video snapshot, Bob talks about the fact that the natural movement is not new, but a return to the not too distant past.

Bob asks us to Stop and read labels, then challenge them by reading ingredients and then to choose the best products for your own skin health.

Our skin is our largest organ and defends us from the elements.  Chemicals, break down our defenses.



KPRO Product Overview Video – Bob Root Keys Formulator

There are two videos below.  The first video is a detailed description by Bob Root, Key Scientist and Formulator, talking about the new KPRO, Keys Professional, product line.



This video is a quicker synopsis of the new KPRO line.


kpro_sachetsTry out our 4 pack sachet of the main KPRO products.  Click Here


Keys Overview Video with Wendy Steele

simply_wendy_bannerThis is the first in a new series of online videos from Keys.  New technology will permit us to create small and effective videos for you to help understand us, our products and our mission.  This is also available on the new Keys YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/keysskindeep





Below is the Snapshot version of the overview above and is designed for a quick look at Keys, our products and philosophy.  It is design to be embedded, linked or downloaded for our resellers websites, blogs and forum.  It may also be embedded form our YouTube Skin Deep Channel at the link above.







Mangrove Conditioner is Back! Richer and Twice The Size

Thanks for your patience.  Mangrove Conditioner has not been available for quite a while because of unforeseen circumstances.  It has taken all this time to reformulate Mangrove to be even richer and more emollient than before.  Now it is back in a new size and with a new pump for easier use and application!  Now at 8 ounces and in an easy to use pump bottle you are getting a little more than twice as much for the same price as before.


New MangroveNatural Cream Hair Conditioner & Leave-in Styler 236ml – 8oz

Natural Conditioner Uses Brassica Oil Instead of Silicone

Mangrove Conditioner is back!  Twice as much, twice as rich and the same price as before!

  • Hydrating Conditioner
  • Natural Scalp Therapy
  • High Lustrous Shine
  • Conditions Hair & Scalp
  • Rich Natural Oils
  • Soothing Aloe Vera
  • Conditioning Brassica
  • For Treated and Colored Hair
  • Relaxing Aromatherapy
  • For People and Pets
  • No Silicone or Dimethicones

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, No Animal Testing, Chemical-Free, No Preservatives Continue reading


New Try Me Category – KPRO Sachets for Sale

kpro_sachetsWe realize that the new KPRO line is pretty revolutionary and trying is believing.  We introduced the KPRO line at the Natural Products Expo East trade show.   We created sachets of the moisturizers, correction cream and eye cream so that you can give them a try to see which is best for you.  You can Click Here or on the picture to go to the Keys store to order.

Many people have contacted us to ask which product is best for them.   That is a hard question based on all skin types.  Since the KPRO line adapts to skin color, tone and texture, there is no need for colors and shades.  The products are all difference with levels of intensity varying from one to the other.  We created this trial, so you can find out what is best for you.

These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is included in the price. These sachets contain two or three applications of the KPRO Tinted Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen, Tinted Eye Cream and Tinted Correction Cream. This is a great way to find which product works best for you. Shipping is additional, but nominal because of the light weight.


The Jar Is Back – Keys Eye Butter


Eye Butter 15ml Jar & Airless Pump

Back by popular demand, Keys Eye Butter is now available in Jars again.   This Eye Butter is also smoother and richer with no change in formula.  The process has been improved to yield a rich and very smooth cream eye moisturizer.  And yes, it is available in either the jar version or the airless travel pump version.  Both are the same price and the same product in a different container.  Your choice at $19.95 for either container.

Eye Butter Eye Cream
Eye Butter Eye Cream

Keys KPRO Cosmetic Products – Now Available!



News from Wendy

We are there!  We have the first production run of our new KPRO product line.  We want to give you some details of the new products prior to them now that they are available.

The planned release of the KPRO product line was October 1, 2013.  Our team surprised me by finishing a few days early.  I am so proud of this team.  The surprises are always good!

 Just as a refresher, Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.


Keys Professional – KPRO Line – Cosmetic Tinted Creams and Powders


One Step to Vibrant Beauty and Natural Skin Health

OptiFX™ Patentable Adaptive Color Technology combined with Natural Chemical-Free Skin Health™

Synopsis:  Keys has introduced a new series of Hollywood inspired products named KPRO or Keys Professional line.  Keys KPRO products use OptiFX™ Adaptive Color Technology to provide an illusionary appearance creating the hot trendy nude bare skin look in a 1-step chemical-free foundation.

 Developed in concert with Hollywood makeup artists and filmmakers, this correction cream fills, hides fine lines and skin imperfections.  The technology literally copies and clones skin color, tone and texture transmitting vital characteristics to neighboring skin.  Like a virtual projector, 1 micron organic and plant-based structures transmit a smooth and vibrant skin finish.

 Keys patentable technology works to reflect, refract and smooth skin tones adapting to light changes and environments automatically.  This is a true anti-aging product because rarefied ingredients help condition, moisturize and reverse skin aging as well as providing the cosmetic effects.  This is a revolutionary 1-step foundation with optical technology that transforms even lifeless skin to exciting dewy beauty.


Keys RediCare – Featured in Men’s Journal Magazine

menJBest Chemical-Free Insect Repellents


Few canned products inflame as much passion and confusion as insect repellents. On the pro-chemical side are those who claim that plant-based sprays and other alternatives simply don’t work at all, and so leave users exposed to pathogen-hosting insects carrying anything from West Nile to the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. But proponents of chemical-free repellents cite the possible toxicity of Deet to the human brain, and claim their all-natural alternatives work plenty well. (We’ll add that we’ve had a pair of sunglasses get lightly melted by errant Deet spray, which left us questioning whether we ought to be applying it to our skin on a regular basis.)

The truth, as often is the case, falls somewhere in the middle. So according to Dr. Mustapha Debboun, editor of ‘Prevention of Bug Bites, Stings and Disease,’ both types of products have their place. “The way to think about it is that chemicals are better for longer hours in the deep woods,” Debboun says, “while all-natural ingredients are fine for the backyard, beach, and other places where you won’t be out for extended periods.” So think Deet or picaridin for that jungle trek to Southeast Asia you’ve been planning, but something all-natural for day hikes and picnics closer to home.

Still, in a surprising twist (and what will be a humbling disappointment for chemical warfare proponents), it turns out that pound-for-pound, all natural options are actually the better performer. “Natural insect repellents generally repel a larger and wider range of crawling and flying insects [than chemicals] because of the diverse grouping of ingredients they contain,” says Bob Root, author of ‘Chemical Free Skin Health.’ Dr. Debboun concurs: “Lemon eucalyptus is just as good an ingredient as chemicals like Deet and picaridin.” Continue reading


KODA Dog Products – A Brief Synopsis

KODA Products:  What and When to Use

bob_topazBy Bob Root, Keys Scientist

I recently had a dear friend tell me that he would like it if I would write an article about what to use and when regarding Koda products.  He politely said, I do not have time to understand the science, just tell me what I should use for my dog in simple terms in 500 words or less.  I realized that I probably spend a lot of time writing articles that are so detailed that people are not sure what to buy.  Maybe it is the scientist in me or a belief that people will not believe me if I don’t explain the details.  I did recall during the discussion with my friend that a professor once said to me, “Bob, I ask you what time is it and you lecture me on the origin of time.”  Maybe there was a hint in that remark.

So here goes for KODA for Dogs. Continue reading


Bob Root on the Dr. Amy Myers Show

dramymyersPromo-coverLong time friend and adviser, Dr. Amy Myers recently interviewed Bob Root, Keys Technologist, about his book Chemical-Free Skin Health.  Amy is a leading practitioner and medical doctor specializing in Functional Medicine in Austin Texas.

Keys has been a part of the Functional Medicine movement for many years.  Whole functional ingredients makeup the Keys line and Amy asked Bob some interesting questions.  Listen in by clicking the speaker Icon below.

Amy’s website is available by Clicking Here











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