Solar Rx on Sale for Melanoma Month
Posted on: May 1, 2015, by : Bob "Beaker"

Every May, I am reminded of my own mortality as a melanoma survivor.  Yes, I write articles, give speeches, get into fights with sun worshipers and even take on the docs in the Dermatology practice at the Mayo Clinic.  Yes, I am passionate about the effects of UV radiation on my aging and my health.  I have had too many cancers removed from my skin to not be passionate.

Every year I speak out every month about my concern for skin cancer and premature aging. I must admit that every year this time, I recall telling Bob that if we are going to pursue Keys as a business, I want to have a sunblock that is the safest, most effective and, oh by the way, it must be clear so I do not look like a mime.  I remember his face sort of grimace as he said, there is nothing that is impossible!  The impossible just takes a little longer.  He quickly followed with his signature quote that, “If it was easy, then anyone could do it!”  Well, he did it and I love Solar Rx.

Every year this time, I gear up for the battle starting in February to write, set appointments, interviews and other events where I can beat my drum about skin cancer, Melanoma and visible skin aging.  About the same time, Bob starts to tell me that it is also a celebration that makes May as Melanoma month important and worth noting.

Buy Two Solar Rx Together and the Second Solar Rx is at 20% Off

First Solar Rx = $26.95 SRP  and the second Solar Rx = $21.50 is 20% off SRP

That is two for $48.45…and buy enough to get to $75.00 and your shipping is free

This year I am still going to scream out, but I am also celebrating by puting Solar Rx on sale.  Because I want you to use enough for the summer, I am making the above offer good for all of May.  When you buy two Solar Rx, the first one is at the regular price of $26.95 and the second will be discounted 20% off ($21.50).  Yes, you have to buy two and I want you to use Solar Rx every day.

This is a very special sale because this time of year we sell out of Solar Rx.  No matter how much we make, we sell out.  So, creating this sale is for your benefit.   Not only will you save on buying two, you will be protecting you and your family from premature aging and skin cancer.

Please remember that Solar Rx is not a go to the beach sunscreen.  It is a daily moisturizer sunscreen that protects you from ambient UV radiation in your office, your car and when out and about.  It is not for sports, swimming or when you perspire.  Great under makeup or as a clear foundation, Solar Rx has your first line of UV defense in mind.

So, Click Here to go to the Keys Store to buy Two Solar Rx.



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